Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC Gaming Premium Digital Headset with Microphone

Published: 05th January 2012
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Professional performance and high quality previously unknown to gaming fans before now, the MMX 300 now available in the U.S. This professional gaming headset is designed from our General Aviation headset. Now perfected from the complicated conditions within the cockpit where A++ audio and performance is mandatory. The MMX 300 was specialized for the unique demands of extended gaming sessions and unmatched audio performance you would expect from beyerdynamic. beyerdynamic was been manufacturing high end headphones and headsets for decades!

These products are used in the live broadcast, live sound and studio recording industries. Product includes a 5 year parts and labor warranty serviceable in the U.S. and carrying case. Equipped with an intelligent USB converter and analog connectors, the listening-speech combination via plug and play becomes a guaranteed maximum gaming experience.

The condenser (back electret) microphone, cardioid polar pattern and broad frequency response ensure perfect voice reproduction. At home or “on the road”, the MMX 300 has been designed for everyone who expects more than mediocre audio from mainstream lower quality headsets, mini speakers or built-in PC speakers. If you currently own a gaming headset, and want to upgrade to the best … the MMX 300 will not disappoint you!

Compatible with PC and MAC. The flexible headband construction allows hours of playing without fatigue; ear surrounding ear pads snuggle almost unnoticeably around the head of the player. This high quality headset is also equipped with USB and analog connections, a mute button for the condenser microphone and a volume control directly on the USB box for quick access while

A class like the digital MMX 300 premium headset might have been unknown to gaming fans: A Hi-Fi capable professional headset derived from the private aviation and perfected for use in noisy cockpits, has been adapted to the special requirements of extended gaming sessions. The MMX 300 exceeds all expectations of ambitious gamers regarding performance, sound and comfort.

Equipped with an intelligent USB converter, which provides a mute button for the condenser microphone and a volume control for quick access during the game, the headset becomes via plug & play a guarantee for maximum gaming experience.
High-End Performance for PC Games, Movies, and Music

The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is designed for those for whom the best is barely good enough at home or on the on the road. The flexible headband construction allows playing for hours without fatigue; circumaural ear pads rest almost unnoticeable against the head of the player. This high-end headset also provides analogue connections to connect the MMX 300 to other devices, so you can enjoy its qualities as a hi-fi headphone anywhere. All functions important for the game are integrated inside the supplied USB converter

The technology of the MMX 300 is based on the reliable beyerdynamic HS 300 aviation headset. The noise-cancelling microphone ensures a clear and precise voice transmission even in noisy surroundings. The closed design guarantees absolute undisturbed enjoyment of game and sound combined with a high comfort due to soft, replaceable ear and headband pads.
Included USB Converter for Use with PCs and Laptops

The microphone can be muted and the volume can easily be controlled via the supplied USB converter. The supplied USB converter provides a USB plug and can easily be connected to the USB port of any computer or laptop operating with one of the following operating systems:

PC: Windows® 98 SE (Second Edition), ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Apple: MAC OS 9 and OS X

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Technical Specifications

Transmission Type: Wired
Impedance: 32 ohms (headphones)
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 30,000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 96 dB
Construction: Circumaural (over-the-ear)
Cable & Plug: Straight connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & 1/4″ adapter (6.35 mm), USB Converter
Net Weight: 380 g

All functions important for the game are integrated inside the intelligent USB converter: a mute button for the microphone and volume control for the headphone can be operated during the game. All headset parameters can be accessed and configured via the audio driver, which loads itself, along with its comprehensive options, by connecting the USB box without the need for installing software. Alternatively, the MMX 300 connects to any audio source via the standard mini jack plugs (3.5 mm)

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